Bespoke Accountant Support Services

We are well positioned to help accountancy firms and their clients in matters of company insolvency and recovery.

There is no cost to you.

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We are well placed to help your clients

At Forbes Burton we offer a bespoke advisory service to Accountants and other Professionals who might occasionally need assistance for their clients in matters of company insolvency and business rescue.

By using our services we believe Accountants can provide their clients with a more reliable, informative service and helping to, where possible, avoid any formal and expensive insolvency proceedings.

What is Included with this Service?

Our Accountant Support services are comparable to having an in-house insolvency expert at your firm; we help you analyse and assess your client’s situation and can then advise you on how you can assist them most effectively. You’ll be able to contact us (via email or phone) at any time to make enquiries about any matters related to business rescue.

What Type Of People Can You Help?

Over the years we have worked with companies of all sizes and across a range of industries. However, our core business is involved with helping those smaller and micro organisations, typically manager owned.

What Services Do You Offer?

We work with small businesses, usually Ltd Companies, that are struggling financially or having difficulty continuing to trade. We have several bespoke solutions for them including, Small Business Loans, Invoice Financing, Company Re-Start, Company Recovery and Company Closure.

What Are The Benefits?

By utilising our skills, you can look to extend the service package that you currently offer, improving both your client satisfaction and retention. Furthermore, we simplify your task by eliminating the need to research insolvency topics that you’re not yet familiar with. This service is not only beneficial for you; it also provides obvious advantages to investors, advisors, and directors.


Will It Cost Us Anything?

We do not charge you a penny for our service. We are happy to provide support to via phone at no cost. The only fees we would charge would be on an individual insolvency or turnaround basis and this would be agreed with you and the client before any work was undertaken to ensure complete transparency.



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I started working with Forbes Burton around three years ago now. I actually started off as a client of Forbes Burton. I came to them after my business got into difficulty. They were able to resolve the issue so quickly that I decided to work with them to be able to assist others I knew in similar situations.

I have two incomes nowadays, one in my day job as an Accountant and the second as a Representative for Forbes Burton. My second income is basically limitless. As a Forbes Burton Representative not only do I have the financial freedom I craved, I also have regular support & access to industry experts.

Tiffany | Accountant


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