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Fantastic service, the person I was dealing with was Emma Blyth. She was brilliant, friendly and knowledgeable. Would recommend to anyone.

Kyle Humphries - Giftstop Ltd

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Alternative funding

Unlike traditional bank loans, our partners offer alternative small business funding solutions.

Usually banks require huge amounts of paperwork and make you jump through a lot of hoops to apply. Traditional bank loan approval rates are currently less than 50%. Not only that but it can sometimes take weeks, if not months, to get approved.

90% Approval rate

Our small business funding partners approve over 90% of applicants and you can even receive funding in as little as 24 hours, in some cases it's been as little as 30 minutes!

Whether you are in need of unsecured revenue based working capital, asset based loans, merchant cash advances, or invoice financing, we work hard to find a home for your business’ financial needs.

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How we have helped other people

Case Study 1

A courier company was receiving more orders than they could fulfil, so they needed a larger van. We managed to secure vehicle finance for them despite poor trading history.

Case Study 2

A catering firm found themselves in significant debt after a customer failed to pay their invoice. We helped by re-structuring the business and financing a new company which they could trade forward with, retaining old assets and customers.

Case Study 3

A clothing retailer came to us when they had reached a point where they wanted to expand and launch a new line of clothing, but lacked the money to purchase the new stock. We provided the necessary funding to advertise and make their new line available to customers.

Case Study 4

A business that provides corporate entertainment services encountered cash flow difficulties due to slow paying customers, while the bands they provided needed paying for up-front. In this instance, we arranged for them to factor their invoices so that they were paid immediately, freeing up the money owed to them, and the time they would have spent chasing up payments.

Case Study 5

A jewellery store had a cash flow crisis after several invoices were left unpaid and needed £60,000 quickly. We provided a loan within 4 days, using the security of their stock valued at £130,000.


Ready for your small business loan?

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