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19th February 2018

High Court orders Carillion subsidiary companies into liquidation

A judge at the high court has ordered the winding up of 10 Carillion companies. Mr Justice Nugee heard from directors of the collapsed company whilst […]
12th February 2018

Director’s Health Causing Problems for Small Companies as Anxiety & Depression take their toll

The majority of limited companies registered in the UK are small. In fact, they are very small; usually managed and operated by the directors themselves. So […]
9th February 2018

Avoid the insolvency reflex if your company has been affected by Carillion’s liquidation

If your company has been hit hard by Carillion’s downfall, it shouldn’t be assumed that your only option is to close up. It is clear that […]
7th February 2018

Liquidating a Limited Company – Find out what happens when you liquidate a company [Video]

Wondering what happens when you liquidate a limited company? Our short video answers some of the most common questions.     Get a free, no-obligation quote […]
2nd February 2018

 ‘Significant’ financial difficulties faced by almost 500,000 UK companies

Half a million UK companies across the country are in a state of ‘significant’ financial distress, a new Red Flag Alert study reveals. Another challenging year […]
2nd February 2018

What to do when your business is in trouble

At Forbes Burton, we recognise that the prospect of business insolvency is a stressful experience; not least for small business owners, whose company has been with […]
31st January 2018

Free advice clinics for companies affected by Carillion collapse

We’ve been working with companies locally and nationally for the last 10 years and we know the problems and challenges they face, said Rick Smith, Managing […]
31st January 2018

How to get your company out of debt [Infographic]

Getting your company out of debt can be a struggle, we hope we can help with some ideas on how to go about it with our […]
25th January 2018

Forbes Burton Calls on Contractors to Protect Themselves

“It’s time for the far-reaching mismanagement of Carillion to be recognised.” That’s the message from Grimsby-based company rescue and recovery specialists Forbes Burton. Following last week’s […]
19th January 2018
Image carillion What went wrong for Carillion, and why does it matter?

What went wrong for Carillion, and why does it matter?

Carillion Plc, giant in the construction industry, have now entered compulsory liquidation. So, what went wrong for Carillion, and why does it matter? The firm have […]
15th January 2018
construction firm carillion collapse

The full knock on effect of the collapse of Carillion could take some time to appear

Carrillion was the largest companies in the UK construction industry, however through what appears to be poor management it has built up debts of nearly £1.5bn and […]
12th January 2018
Image accounting What is a director's loan account and what are the consequences of it becoming overdrawn?

What is a Director’s Loan Account (DLA) and what are the consequences of it becoming overdrawn?

You can have a company bank account, and a personal bank account, but neither of these are the DLA, so, what is a Director’s Loan Account? […]