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Forbes Burton Ltd has many years of experience in advising and helping businesses with all kinds of financial problems. Companies experiencing financial difficulties can be very stressful, that’s why we believe in providing honest and clear advice every step of the way.

Forbes Burton was set up on the belief that everybody needs guidance from time-to-time. We offer advice and solutions for businesses which are experiencing financial problems and set backs. Often, we can help overcome current burdens, or steer you around situations that may be on the horizon – as with most things, foreseeing a problem and avoiding it is preferable to finding a solution to a current or long-standing one.


Why choose Forbes Burton?

We understand how stressful, worrying and overwhelming debt can be. We also know that people think if they bury their heads their creditors will go away. That is why we take our time to ensure we fully understand our client’s situations and can be confident that the advice we give is tailored to meet their specific circumstances.

Forbes Burton Limited is committed to the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and personal service. We propose tailor-made approaches rather than off-the-shelf solutions.

Our advisors have a wide range of experience in different sectors and circumstances to ensure our client’s benefit from the highest standards of service at all times.

We do not see it as our place to tell you what to do, but to explain your options and how everything works and let you decide what is best for your business.


Our Approach

Our approach to cases is designed to add value to our clients, give peace of mind and the ability to pursue “life”.

We like to make sure that when you contact us we assign one person to be your point of contact and answer all your questions and handle your case.

Your situation will also be dealt with in strict confidentiality.

Other areas which give us the edge over other firms are:-

  • We propose tailor-made approaches rather than off-the-shelf solutions or methodologies.
  • Our team has a wide range of experience of different sectors and circumstances and our work with clients always seeks to acknowledge the client’s circumstances and objectives.
  • Our independence means that we focus on advisory consultancy work and not on seeking to sell any other products.
  • Our team can challenge constructively from a sound basis of knowledge and experience.
  • We believe that deploying teams of analysts rarely adds value therefore we choose not to.

Keep in mind that we offer a free initial consultation to assess your problems objectively so call us now on
0845 409 4471 or use the form on the right of this page to see if we can take action today and help you become stress free.

Contact us now on 0845 409 4471 for free, no obligation expert advice.


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